LCL-Consolidation-ServicesImport Consol and Export Consol

Less than Container Load - Groupage services for smaller quantities of cargo for EXPORTS AND IMPORTS. We make your life easy by arranging the smaller shipments consolidated to ship from Origin to Destination. You don't need to wait for a full container load to arrange shipping of such smaller quantities. Star Concord offers LCL consolidation services worldwide around the clock.


With a trouble free service, Star Concord will offer you competitive rates and routing options from any Origin to any destination.


If you are not sure on the best options? Star Concord can assist you in determining the best mode of transport on LCL & most cost effective LCL Services to you.


We provide,

- Import & Export Consolidation

- LCL / FCL cost comparisons

- Door to door services

- Order Management Tracking

- Customs Clearance

- Transport

- Warehousing, Storage & Distribution


Buyer's Consoles

We manage multiple supplier orders to one buyer / Consignee. Consolidating your multiple supplier orders in one container is hassle free through our vast experience in handling Buyers consolidation. Our well positioned worldwide container freight stations will be equipped to receive your supplier's orders and consolidated with special attention to detail and the loading requirements.


Seller's Consoles

We manage one supplier's cargo delivered to multiple buyers as per suppliers advise. Consolidating one supplier's cargo and delivered to multiple buyers as per buyers orders of sellers orders in a very efficient and hassle free method through our vast experience in handling Seller's Consolidation. in destination we will release cargo as CFS / LCL to buyers and / or transship to other destination as required.

Freight-Handling-Ocean-FreightStar Concord provides worldwide ocean freight transportation TO & FROM all major ports overseas with a complete range of ocean freight services for all types of LCL CONSOLIDATED cargo shipments or full-container loads (FCL), special containers, full and partial charters, roll-on/roll-off, and barge cargo transportation. Through the operation of our NVOCC, we provide customized ocean carriage to meet all our customers' needs.
Star Concord offers a full array of global ocean freight transportation services Inbound & Out bound Ocean freight services for all types of cargoes. we provide a total ocean freight & combine transportation solution for almost all types of shipments.

We are well experienced & experts in handling HAZMAT cargo as the per global HAZMAT Specification around the globe. Our extensive global network well specialized to handle all type HAZMAT Cargo to reach your customers. Our state-of-the-art computer System provides our customers with efficient results & online information for all freight consignments handled by our team.

From almost any origin or destination, Star Concord can provide modernized freight forwarding to book your cargo, arrange for pickup & delivery and handle the shipping documentation, customs formalities with trained Transportation Specialist, we facilitate the entire freight forwarding process according to your specifications as well as the requirements of the import and export of countries. Our global presence and volume buying power with ocean freight carriers ensures our customers with the best rates and best selection of ocean carriers. Additional services offers in our ocean freight.

FreightStar Concord and associate offices with an extensive network of agents around the world to support both Inbound and Outbound shipments. Dedicated and talented logistics professionals at Star Concord analyse available resources and identify the critical delivery options for both imports and exports to serve our clients successfully and This results in highly efficient and cost effective freight solutions that meet the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. . We even goes to those GEOGRAPHICALLY DIFFICULT LOCATIONS to pick up or deliver your valuable goods with care in order to serve our clients to make their business successful.


Star Concord provides total air cargo support, including state-of-the-art e-Tracking System and computerized booking & scheduling services. Customers can track their shipments online and obtain real-time information regarding their freight, anywhere in the world...anytime. Complete peace of mind for customers when they know the status of their air freight shipment.


Since we have contracts with most major air carriers, Star Concord is able to secure the space capacity you need....where you need it and when you need it. We have no weight or size limitations, as long as the freight can fit on the aircraft.  Our global air cargo network can be combined with our road trucking service connections, in order to offer our customers with Door-to-Door service anywhere in the world.  We are Specialized in HAZMAT Air freight cargo in anywhere in the world. Contact our Transportation HAZMAT Specialists anytime for complete details and handle your cargo as per the HAZMAT Specifications assure delivery from Origin to at destination.

Project-Cargo-HandlingWhether you are building a manufacturing plant, Petrochemical plant, power plant, constructions, mining or drilling or any other industry, you will need to procure logistics transportation service to manage your cargo movement. The services include freight management, cargo handling and cargo moving from origin to your final site location. The most important point in logistic service is that the delivery time should meet your project schedule. Your mistake in choosing a logistics service company may result in project delay and significant lost.


Star Concord can help you achieve success. Large project logistics management and procurement services are what we do best. We work closely with your purchasing team to make sure that everything is according to your schedule. Our process begins when the purchase orders are issued to your supplier and involves moving cargo of all sizes and any dimensions from anywhere in the world to your final site location. Once you appoint us as your Project management company, beauty is that, we act like your own in house project management team without been just a contractor of yours. This is our passion, we know and understand the importance of working as strong team with the client to fulfil and match client's requirements successfully. We make sure that all unnecessary expenses are cut down and provide project cargo solution to our valuable clients with the most lowest price and save the cost for our clients while we deliver the best results. Thus where we gain the confident and trust of our valuable clients. Every successful delivery, we believe it is as an achievement of ours and we enjoy the client's appreciations of our efficient & effective project management & solutions given to them.


Star Concord has the hands on experience in complex logistical challenges you are looking for and Our team knows the importance of the equipment to you. Every detail are carefully studied and analyzed to understand the specific handling requirements of your shipments. Then we design the solution for you. We will work closely with you so that all goods will be carefully transported. Our success in handling logistical challenges in the industry lies on our relationships and open communication with clients, so that we can provide a successful project experience to our valuable clients with us. You do the constructions or building the plant as you desire; we will provide the solutions for all your transportation & Logistics needs in any part of the world.


We have moved tonnage of oversize machines, Drilling rigs and equipment, plant re-locations service in many global destinations. Our knowledge in project cargo management & our Network will speed up cargo handling process anywhere in the world. We are well equipped with handling equipment. Our close relationship with vessel owners & airliners has enabled us to find the right vessel or freighter flight for your cargo movement at the right time as quickly as possible.

Inter-modal-ServicesAs Inter-modal transportation, with the options of integrating multiple modes, we provides a flexible response to the changing supply chain management requirements in global markets and distribution systems. Inter-modal Freight Transport involves the transportation of freight in a container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes. Some shipments tendered for other transportation modes, such as air freight and ocean freight, can be combined with our Inland Freight Division in order to provide a complete freight transportation move and to maximize efficiencies in the shipment transaction. By combining different modes of transportation, we are able to expedite your shipments across countries and use more efficient modes of transportation for pick-up, delivery or simply transporting the product to the nearest port, airport, terminal or rail ramp by truck, rail, ship or air.  Origins to destination transportation we covered in single BL to make it convenient to our clients and We coordinate with our agents around the world from Origin to delivery and handle your valuable cargo with care.

Logistics-and-Supply-Chain-ManagementIn any business, either small or large scale, the effective management of logistics will play a defining role in to achieve the bottom lines and delivery deadlines and drive to success. However, managing the supply chain for a business can be a fairly complicated task, especially in large scale projects that require international suppliers and multiple product range sourcing.


Our years of experience in the field of logistics allow us to confidently handle the responsibility of managing the entire supply chain, from purchasing of inventory to warehousing and delivery. We coordinate with our clients to the extent where we function as an in-house logistics management team rather than an external firm enabling you to lead your business to higher profit margins.

Warehousing-and-Distribution-SolutionsImproved service, reduced costs and enhanced performance are the goals of all warehousing and distribution operations. Using these areas for competitive advantage requires real focus on proper planning and continuous improvement. In the wake of increasingly complicated supply chains, Warehousing & distribution network design plays a key role in controlling the cost of doing business. In a world of shrinking margins, controlling the cost of doing business can be the factor that puts your supply chain network optimization goals ahead of your competitors.

Star Concord' expertise can carry the warehouse from the initial planning stages through the implementation process, using proven warehousing and distribution solutions. Star Concord provides on-site management of the entire implementation process to maintain quality, schedule and cost conformance. Star Concord' approach to implementing solutions ensures project success.

Implementation support is provided in the following areas:

Warehouse Strategic Planning
Selecting the most efficient storage designs, material handling systems and warehouse management systems to ensure peak operations performance.


Distribution Center Design and Implementation
Creating, maintaining and administering budgets and schedules; assisting with obtaining proper permits; overseeing installation; developing product slotting configurations for maximum material handling and storage efficiency; conducting equipment acceptance testing and providing start-up support when operations go live.


Distribution Network Configuration
Determining the number and location of distribution centers and manufacturing plants


Site Selection
Evaluating existing structures and Greenfield sites, utilities, fix-up costs, gradeability, support services, community desirability and incentive packages.


Inventory Management
Analyzing inventory levels throughout the supply chain.

Construction Services
Providing total project management for facility construction and renovation, including site selection, construction team selection and on-site project management.


Systems Integration
integrating computerized and manual warehousing systems through system configuration and set up, acceptance testing start-up and implementation


Transportation System Planning
Selecting the best transportation configuration and suppliers to minimize costs


Turning the maintenance operation into a profit center by improving product quality, utilization of equipment operators, overall equipment effectiveness, throughput capacity and equipment life Fully implemented warehousing and distribution solutions typically provide a range of savings of 25-35 % in annual distribution center variable costs over current operations and client satisfaction improvements in key performance indicators.


Because the volatile forces at play in the market today can cause a company's momentum to vanish into thin air, we design into your distribution network the flexibility to adjust to changing market conditions, including:


- Geographic shifts in production and consumption

- Market segmentation, new markets and new customer service requirements

- Cost increases in energy, plant and equipment maintenance, and labor

- Government regulation or deregulation

- Product proliferation and product life cycle

- Competitor adjustments

- Events in the economy We can create the most demand-flexible, cost effective Warehouse & Distribution System FOR YOU and even Manage FOR YOU.

3PL-ServicesThe distribution industry has undergone significant transformations over the past several years. Today, all industries, be it manufacturing, wholesale or retail, are beginning to out-source logistics operations in an effort to lower costs and improve quality of service. We extend an innovative solution to logistics services where lower costs and improved efficiency are achieved using information systems that coordinate and manage procurement of material and parts, production in factories, and sales activities. This comprehensive package of service, once called "Logistics Systems" is now known as "Third Party Logistics (3PL) and is rapidly increasing in demand.

- Points for our Success in 3PL operations

- Establish a business model for a "win-win relationship".

- Accumulate know-how to carry out accurate logistics analysis.

- Sophistication of the Global 3PL.

Features of 3PL services provided by Star Concord System

(1) Proposal

Logical propositions based on various data analyses.

Proposal and operations planning by a special team well - versed in the customers' industries.


(2) Management

Broad experience in logistics operations for diverse industries domestically and internationally.

Smooth launch and continuous improvement proposals by experienced staff.

Develop new services through the cooperation amongst customers.

Strengthen logistics services through the cooperation with peer companies in the industry.


(3) Technology [LE (Logistics Engineering) / IT (Information Technology)]

Improvements brought by experts in packaging technology and logistics improvement.

Design and development of WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) that suit our customers´
logistics needs.


(4) Global

Launch support by staff highly versed in local logistics circumstances.

Active INVESTMENT for businesses expansion.

International network with Over 300 locations.

Logistics Information System (3PL)
Production (Procurement)
Procurement Logistic

- Delivery Management

- Materials procurement

- Sales Logistics

- Inventory Control

- Returned goods control

- Entry and dispatching control

- Shipping control

- Order acceptance

Reverse Logistics

- Collection / transportation of industrial waste

- Collection / transportation of items for recycling

Production Linguistics

- Factory Warehouse Management

- Shipping Control within Factory

- Products Control

- Packaging Design

Global Logistics

- Customs clearance

- Global inventory control

- Forwarding services

- Overseas logistics

- Ocean / Air freight transportation