Oil & Gas Logistics

Singapore freight forwarders – Star Concord

Oil and gas mining operations are typically carried out offshore or in remote areas that are hard to access. Our expertise will guarantee the delivery of all equipment, machineries and all supplies at site required to begin construction on your fuel-mining project and we continue the process of on time supplies until you complete your project successfully. We won’t stop there, We will still continue to ensure that the required vital parts for maintenance & other Supplies are delivered at site on time enabling you maintain the critical equipment is in operable condition to achieve full efficiency at your project. Our efficient Logistics management team will ensure closely co-ordination with you 24 / 7 to ensure uninterrupted operations & Logistics supplies from food and beverages to vital components and machines are delivered at your site on time.

We can also handle management of the entire supply-chain, developing cost-effective supply chain models that take advantage of our consolidated logistics solutions.

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