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Star Concord is one of the top LCL consolidators in Singapore offering trusted LCL services. We provide import and export services worldwide around the clock as well as Groupage & Less than Container Load (LCL) Services for smaller quantities of cargo. We make your life easy by arranging the smaller shipments consolidated to ship from Origin to Destination.

LCL shipment allows you to shorten the delivery time through dedicated cargo shipping. You don’t need to wait for a full container load to arrange LCL shipping of such smaller quantities as we can help you with your small shipment’s international transportation, which is much convenient to you. As a trusted LCL consolidators, we provide Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) services between all major markets and operate more than 1000 worldwide destinations managing every step to give you visibility throughout the process and provide ONLINE TRACKING so you can monitor the shipment status at any given time.

If you are not sure about the best options, speak to us today and let our experienced LCL freight forwarder assist you in determining the best mode of transport on LCL & the most cost-effective LCL Services to you.


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Being one of the leading LCL consolidators in Singapore, we make your life easy with our trouble-free LCL consolidation.

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Buyer’s Consoles

As leading LCL consolidators in Singapore, we manage multiple supplier orders to one buyer / Consignee. Consolidating your multiple supplier orders in one container is hassle-free through our vast experience in handling Buyers consolidation. We can guarantee that our systematic LCL shipping can protect and secure your shipments from one harbour to another. Our well-positioned worldwide container freight stations will be equipped to receive your supplier’s orders and consolidated with special attention to detail and the loading requirements. Applying our extensive experience from the many years we served in the industry, you can rest assured that your LCL shipment is taken care of by our reliable LCL freight forwarders stationed in different parts of the world.

Seller’s Consoles

The services being offered by your trusted LCL consolidators are reliable due to various reasons. We manage one supplier’s cargo delivered to multiple buyers as per supplier’s advice. Thus, you won’t need to worry about your LCL shipments getting lost or mishandled in the process. However, should you want additional reassurance, you can always use our online tracking to oversee our LCL shipping process. Consolidating one supplier’s cargo and delivered to multiple buyers as per buyers orders of sellers orders in a very efficient and hassle-free method through our vast experience in handling Seller’s Consolidation. in the destination we will release cargo as CFS / LCL to buyers and/or transship to other destination as required.

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Our team of highly trained and experienced personnel is ready to assist you in finding the most Cost Effective LCL Consolidation Services to meet your needs. Speak to us today.  

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