Video: Two Dutch Inland Cargo Vessels Collide in Dramatic Moment

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The camera system at the Netherlands’ Volkerak Locks caught the spectacular moment two inland cargo ships collided. Salvage experts called to the scene said it was a miracle no one was injured in the early morning collision on November 29 near Willemstad south of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The larger of the two vessels, the Europa, measuring 442 feet in length was loaded and exiting the Volker lock system. Because of the vessel’s position reports said it was unable to maneuver.

The smaller vessel, the Nova, which is 262 feet in length was southbound with a load of corn. Investigators are trying to determine how it happened and if the Nova cut in front of the Europa, but the larger vessel plowed into the smaller inland cargo ship.





The captain of the smaller vessel reportedly had quickly put his engine into reverse, but it was too late to stop the contact. The larger vessel ripped the cargo hatches from the vessel pushing the pile of aluminum back toward the bridge. 

The captain of the Nova was alone on the bridge at the time and in a desperate maneuver jumped from his ship into the cold waters. The bridge of the vessel was nearly ripped off the ship lying in a crumpled pile. The drama however not over because the vessel was still going in reserve and the captain’s wife and a young child were below in the living area on the vessel.

The Nova’s captain somehow reportedly made it back onto his vessel after the collision to engage the emergency stop. The vessel however backed into the river bank. The captain and his family however survived uninjured.

The larger vessel was later released by the Dutch authorities and was permitted to proceed with its trip. The Nova, however, is too badly damaged. The plan was to tow the vessel to Schiedam to unload the cargo and then to a shipyard for a survey and repairs.

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