Video: Taiwanese Tanker Holed in Allision with Port Stanchion

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[Brief]  A product tanker operating a coastal service in Taiwan appears to have misjudged a turn leaving the port of Kaohsiung on Saturday, June 8 with disastrous results. The vessel received a large gash on its starboard side aft, but fortunately it did not puncture tanks and the vessel was not in danger of sinking.

The Tong Yun (40,500 dwt) was built in 2011. It is owned by the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). 



The vessel was departing Kaohsiung midday on Saturday and the port authority said it turned to avoid other traffic in the port. The starboard side however came in contact with the concrete stanchion which ripped a large hole in the hull.

The port authority reports the vessel applied for emergency permission to return to the dock and was back on berth Saturday evening. To ensure environmental safety, oil booms were deployed around the ship and personnel were dispatched to monitor the ship’s status.

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