TIACA Latin America Event wraps up with pledge for future initiatives

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The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) concluded its fourth regional event, the TIACA Event Latin America held March 6-8, 2024 in Sao Paulo, with delegates declaring the event successful as a VIP event that brought together the local air cargo community and international delegates to discuss the opportunities to expand business within Latin America.

TIACA’s first event in Latin America, held in Sao Paulo, brought together over 130 delegates from across the industry to discuss issues that affect the Latin American air cargo market and gave insight into how to do business within Latin America.

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Topics such as, eCommerce, pharma, perishables, freighter capacity, workforce challenges, digital innovation and air cargo outlook were addressed. Event delegates took part in one and a half days of lively discussions, debate and informational sessions as well as networking opportunities throughout the event that was run immediately after Intermodal 2024.

“This was the first event in Latin America and we needed to ensure that we made a strong impression in the Latin American air cargo community; by collaborating with our partners within Latin America, such as the Craft Group, ALTA and ALACAT, we were able to provide attendees a unique VIP experience.” Steven Polmans, Chair, TIACA

TIACA’s regional events are designed to identify specific issues on a regional level that TIACA can incorporate into our overall work on behalf of the industry. Each regional event will develop an action plan that will be incorporated into TIACA’s strategic objectives and activities.

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As the event concluded on International Women’s Day the industry endorsed working to address specific workforce challenges affecting the region.  There is a need to ensure an inclusive and diverse workforce, promote opportunities for all and will hopefully encourage more young women to pursue rewarding careers in aviation and logistics.

There was unanimous endorsement to support and drive forward with enhanced digital solutions as an effective means to increase industry efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

The event also shines a spotlight on the great work being performed in support of perishables and ecommerce products within the region.

The exciting leadership played by Brazilian customs and the regions thousands of small and medium forwarding enterprises was welcomed by the delegates as a means to effectively support the regions further economic growth.

“This event in particular showed how strong an influence Latin America has within air cargo and the need to continue to work with our colleagues in Latin America as the industry in this region continues its rapid growth.” Glyn Hughes, Director General, TIACA

The next TIACA event will be the TIACA Event – Central Asia hosted by Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Committee and the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan. The event will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, June 19-21, 2024.

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Author: Anastasiya Simsek