The Maritime Executive’s Most Popular Magazine Articles of 2023

Singapore freight forwarders – Star Concord

The Maritime Executive Magazine, our flagship publication, reaches tens of thousands of people with every edition. Its contents also appear on our site, and they rank among our most popular opinion posts, bringing in as many as 8,000 viewers each. This year, readers relied on TME’s magazine columnists for the inside scoop on the biggest stories – like the financial problems facing offshore wind; the last big push for offshore oil and gas; the positive outlook for U.S. cruise ports; and the commercial advantages of the open registry system. For more, check out the links below, and thanks for reading The Maritime Executive in 2023 – please join us again next year for more of the industry’s most important news and views. 

1) Offshore’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” Problems
2) Ship Repair: Gearing Up
3) Window of Opportunity for Offshore Oil and Gas
4) The Demographic Challenge
5) Cruising the Great Lakes
6) Interview: Mario Zanetti, President, Costa Cruises
7) “Glory Days”
8) Great Expectations
9) Intermodal Connectivity
10) Leading the Way: Flag Registries Up Their Game

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