Survitec Wins Safety4Sea Tech Award for Graphical Monitoring Fire Solution

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[By: Survitec]

Global Survival Technology solutions provider Survitec has won the SAFETY4SEA Technology Award for the second year running. The 2023 award recognises SMARR-TI (Safety Management and Rapid Response Technology Interface), an interactive safety management solution that allows crew to monitor and control their onboard fire safety systems within one integrated and easy-to-use solution. This achievement follows Survitec’s win with Seahaven in 2022.

Survitec launched its new SMARR-TI solution in June 2023. Developed in cooperation with Turkish shipyard Tersan and Norway’s Havila Voyages,  SMARR-TI supplements SOLAS requirements for a fire safety plan to be permanently exhibited for the guidance of ship’s officers by providing real-time information on the present status and location of onboard fire safety systems and equipment on a digital representation of the ship plan.

“SMARR-TI is unique in integrating fire detection and fire suppression systems within one solution. No other solution currently does this,” said Rafal Kolodziejski, Head of Product Support and Development at Survitec. “The aim is to give early warning of changes in shipboard’s environment quickly and effectively and then to enable swift action to prevent a fire from happening.”

Using a 27-inch touchscreen monitor on the bridge and in the engine control room, crew members can monitor and operate the ship’s fire defences thanks to real-time status updates, alerts and notifications warning of changing conditions, such as temperatures exceeding set limits or the presence of smoke or flame. Various actions, such as sounding alarms, closing fire doors and shutting down ventilation systems, can then be activated automatically, including triggering signals to the alarm monitoring system, SMS interface, and public announcement system. Currently, 34 ships have the SMARR-TI system installed, with another 9 sets currently on order.

The eighth annual SAFETY4SEA Virtual Awards took place on 18 October, using a combination of open nominations, audience votes and an industry panel of experts to recognise organisations that foster safety, excellence and sustainable shipping.

The Technology Award is presented to an organisation that has provided a significant technological achievement, breakthrough or contribution in any aspect of maritime safety activity. It is the second consecutive year Survitec has won this award. Last year, Survitec won the award for Seahaven, the world’s largest inflatable lifeboat.

Accepting the award at a virtual ceremony held on 18 October, Finn Lende-Harung, Director of Commercial Operations, Survitec, said: “This is an amazing recognition of the great work the team has done. I am so proud to accept this on behalf of  Survitec. SMARR-TI allows you to see the entire ship and use the fire sensors to act quickly when there’s an accident, meaning you can shorten the time it takes to save people and assets onboard. This award further demonstrates our purpose at Survitec: We Exist to Protect Lives.”

Lende-Harung added: “What makes me particularly proud of the team here at Survitec is that we are building on the legacy of our Seahaven win last year.”

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