Strike Aviation takes flight on the global stage

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Strike Aviation has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, bolstering its performance in daily operations while expanding its geographical footprint. This autumn, the Strike Aviation Group is set to make its mark at two pivotal international exhibitions on opposite ends of the globe, separated by a 12-hour time difference: one in Miami and the other in Singapore.

Frank Ziesemer, CEO of Strike Aviation Group, is unequivocal in his belief that the investments made in international events yield a remarkable return, forging new partnerships, fostering essential contacts, and broadening the horizons of markets. Ziesemer, along with the group’s Latin American team, eagerly anticipates the Air Cargo Americas exhibition in Miami, scheduled for October 31 to November 2.

“At this event, we will talk with our existing and future airline partners about our expansion plans for 2024 in Latin American region. The event serves as one of the best platforms for addressing the challenges faced by the air cargo sector in today’s complex supply chains. In the world of air cargo, every minute counts. The Miami event provides us with a unique platform to discuss, innovate, and optimize our operations to enhance overall supply chain performance. Missing out is not an option,” emphasizes Ziesemer.

“Our industry thrives on connections – connecting people, businesses, and goods. The Miami event is the place where we will fortify these connections, ensuring the seamless flow and efficiency of commerce,” he adds.

Joining the team for the Miami event is Gerard ter Bruggen, the new Director of Business Development at Strike.

Over the past few years, Strike Aviation has made significant strides in strengthening its position in Latin America. The group has established new offices in Quito, Ecuador, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Santiago de Chile. In Peru, the group has relocated to a larger Commercial office and acquired its own airport office at Lima airport to better cater to the needs of airlines and freight forwarders.

“However, it is crucial to stress that we are an international air cargo group, active in various regions worldwide. Our European team will participate in Transport Logistic and Air Cargo Southeast Asia in November, where they will undoubtedly forge new connections and bolster partnerships in the Asian region. My European colleagues will convene to discuss the Freighter network and alliances for the upcoming year. We are proud to aim for greater heights in Asia and expand our presence,” says Strike Aviation’s CEO.

Simultaneously, the company remains committed to investing in staff education and staying true to its mission to represent airline companies for their benefit. Among the latest developments at Strike Aviation is the establishment of an in-house IT Department in Vilnius, Lithuania. This strategic move enables the Strike Aviation Group to develop new technologies for its airline clients and freight forwarding customers.

“In the air cargo world, excellence is our trademark. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing together the best minds, technologies, and practices in the air cargo sector,” concludes Frank Ziesemer.

Air Cargo Americas & Supply Chain Americas is scheduled to take place from October 31 to November 2, 2023, at the Miami Airport Convention Center (MACC). The conference and show promise to deliver an engaging and informative experience for all those seeking to advance their knowledge in a rapidly evolving air cargo and supply chain landscape.

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Author: Edward Hardy