Sperry Marine & DNV GL Sign Strategic Digitalization Agreement

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Sperry Marine and DNV GL have signed a strategic agreement to enable vessels to securely share their navigation data for use in DNV GL’s digital classification services and obtain real time class status of the navigation systems. 

The agreement seeks to improve process efficiency for class surveys covering the core elements of vessel navigation, through co-operation on new digital solutions. It will help to streamline the class survey inspection process by giving DNV GL access to data from the ship’s bridge, which can be used to assess the condition of key equipment and better understand hardware and software performance.

“This agreement with DNV GL to provide access to Sperry Marine’s secure digital bridge platform will make our customers’ vessels more efficient while also improving their safety at sea,” said James Collett, Managing Director, Sperry Marine. “DNV GL’s digital class services and extensive insight into maritime digital transformation will help to elevate the availability of navigation bridge data, ensuring that together we are positioned to deliver tangible operational efficiencies to customers.” 

SperrySphere is a new digital bridge platform with securely integrated navigation and vessel performance applications. It combines access to smart navigation applications with a secure data link to the navigation bridge equipment and fleet operation centres on shore to improve safety and reduce vessel operating costs.

“We are very pleased to partner with Sperry Marine, who share our commitment to ensuring that digitalization in shipping, with all its benefits, is able to advance in a safe and reliable manner,” said Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO, DNV GL – Maritime. “Data is a key future currency supplementing the safe and well-known practices on which shipping relies. In enabling customers to use data securely via the SperrySphere, we can access and offer more class services digitally, helping our customers to safely reduce costs and optimise operations.”

SperrySphere provides both a ‘system of products’ and a ‘system of systems’ approach to smart shipping. The first element will integrate navigation more deeply into vessel operations through partnerships with third party providers that enhance safety and drive efficiency.

The agreement with DNV GL characterises the ‘system of systems’ approach where the vessel’s operational technology is connected to shoreside systems for monitoring and control as well as optimisation and maintenance, with data securely shared with selected customers and partners. 

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