Siemens Digital Logistics relies now on BlueBox Systems

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Data provided by BlueBox Systems has been integrated into the logistics platform AX4 of Siemens Digital Solutions.

BlueBox Systems now enables more than 500.000 AX4-users a fast and easy access to its high-quality airfreight data from over 130 airlines, resulting in optimised processes.

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Thanks to its integration of BlueBox Systems data, AX4 users can effortlessly combine this with other valuable information. AX4-users thus gain a unique overview and can track their air freight data even better, thanks to the state-of-the-art programming interface of BlueBox Systems. Through the API solution, both applications can communicate independently and exchange data in real time. Everybody involved in the supply chain has access to the latest and most accurate information – like ETA changes or delays, for example. Moreover, this advanced API solution ensures end-to-end data security. Only authorised parties can access and utilise the shared information, safeguarding sensitive cargo details and maintaining the integrity of the supply chain.

“With Siemens Digital Logistics we won another client that trusts our innovative solutions that put the customer first and who has recognised the added value of BlueBox Systems,” says Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems. “We both share the same goal: making air freight and logistics supply chains more transparent and efficient.”

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In addition, Martin Schulze emphasised the importance of real-time tracking offered by BlueBox Systems, particularly for time- and temperature-critical cargo for industries with strict requirements, especially pharmaceuticals. He added, “Air freight remains the fastest and most secure means of transporting valuable and critical goods globally. Customers now have everything in view, ensuring that their cargo arrives in optimal condition and on time.”

Siemens Digital Logistics is a specialist in the digitalisation of logistics processes. More than half a million customers around the globe are using the logistics platform AX4. For example, the system offers cross-company integration of all supply chain partners in a central interface, via web or app. It furthermore includes transport management that enables to react to possible disruptions – all in real time. The real time data is another intersection with BlueBox Systems.

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Author: Edward Hardy