Seamless sensitive shipments

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In the intricate world of perishable cargo, securing supply and managing containers and pallets for temperature-controlled goods is a complex endeavour, requiring accurate and attentive handling.

Pharmaceutical focus

With this segment growing, Jettainer has developed its cool&fly product to protect goods and provide the constant monitoring throughout the supply chain that has become a requirement for customers.

cool&fly  comprises full cool Unit Load Device (ULD) order management, steering and positioning, and after-service management. Continuous monitoring allows for immediate and proactive intervention in the event of irregularities. This approach minimises the risks caused by the complex interaction between all supply chain stakeholders, particularly important when moving sensitive goods.  

“Jettainer is probably the only ULD management provider that specialises in steering Cool ULDs for its customers. Some of the top airlines utilise this service,” Shailendar Kothari, Managing Director of Jettainer Americas, said. “Jettainer ensures that appropriate ULDs are made available at the right location at the right time in serviceable condition. Our steering team also ensures that these high valuable ULDs are returned back latest by the end of lease condition to avoid demurrage costs for our customers.”

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Peak position

Jettainer counts some of the biggest airlines in the Americas, specialising in flower transport, among their customers. Owing to the years of experience, keeping a close eye on the market and in very close coordination with their customers, they forecast the ULD needs well in advance and ensure the right number are positioned where needed. 

“These peak demands can surge to additional 25% of ULD demand for a short period of time,” Kothari stated. “With Jettainer adhering to its commitment to customers of 100% ULD availability at all times, we are happy that we have been able to fulfil these expectations from our customers.”

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Tech-savvy transportation

With transparency a key requirement within the temperature-controlled sector, digitalisation has become a necessary factor in cargo operations. 

Tapping into this, Jettainer looks to optimise operations through analysing data with artificial intelligence to better understand journeys and potential hurdles before they happen. Paired with the company’s JettWare App, which captures data and reports any damage to containers, this delivers tracking that aims to limit any disruption in the supply chain.

“Jettainer’s market leading IT platform Jettware NG provides the necessary transparency to a very high degree to manage the logistical requirements, consistently,” Kothari concluded.

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Author: Edward Hardy