SCHOTTEL Supplies Propulsion for Unique “Floating Editorial Hub”

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Germany’s first editorial ship – “The Pioneer One” – is equipped with a SCHOTTEL propulsion unit. Built by the Lux-Werft shipyard in Niederkassel, the vessel was recently handed over to Berlin-based media company Media Pioneer. As a “floating editorial hub”, it will provide a workplace for around 30 journalists. 

Electric, quiet and with low emissions

The new vessel is equipped with a SCHOTTEL Pump Jet type SPJ 22 with 90 kW input power, driven by an electric motor. The resiliently mounted bow thruster minimizes structure-borne noise in the hull while significantly reducing the noise level on board. The result is a low-emission propulsion unit with an electric thruster that works so quietly that those on board the ship can fully focus on their work. 

Outstanding efficiency, maximum manoeuvrability

The 360-degree steerable Pump Jet is a state-of-the-art shallow-water propulsion system that excels in efficiency while ensuring maximum manoeuvrability of the vessel. Since the Pump Jet is installed flush with the vessel’s outer shell, there is no increase in ship resistance and the risk of collision with flotsam is reduced considerably. The protective grid on the inlet offers further protection against damage. 

This makes the robust SPJ ideal for operation in extremely shallow waters. In fact, in the event of the vessel grounding, the risk of damage is significantly minimized.

Workplace for around 30 journalists

The technical specifications are designed for daily use on the Spree and all zone 4 inland waterways. The ship is 40 metres long, seven metres wide and has 200 square metres of space, which includes TV broadcasting facilities and a podcast studio.

“The Pioneer One” travels on the Spree River in the centre of Berlin’s government district. Although headquarters to the editorial team, readers will also be allowed to visit the ship. Live broadcasts and events are planned for up to 100 participants.

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