Sail2zero Offers Carbon Emission Cutting Solutions for Ship Owners

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A new company has just launched with the purpose of working with ship owners to meet the IMO demands to reduce carbon intensity by 40% before 2030.

There has been a shift in the industry recently with a particular focus on LNG as a potential alternative fuel solution for vessels whilst other fuels such as Hydrogen are being tested. Ship owners cannot ignore the fact that they must consider new fuelling systems for their existing ships and will have to look to building and equipping new ships differently to make sure the carbon intensity is reduced.

Sail2Zero is a new company which has launched with an office in Oslo, Norway. Two senior figures in the industry have come together to offer solutions to owners facing new regulatory changes. Toby Strachan is well known to ship owners and Global oil and energy companies in the commercial sector as an owner’s representative and former broker having worked for many years in both London and Cape Town. Ranjan began his career in the Merchant Navy and then moved on to technical and managerial roles in renowned companies in the maritime sector. Both worked together at the scrubber manufacturer Clean Marine in Oslo but have now broken out to form their own company to tackle a major challenge the global shipping industry is facing ahead.

“Ship owners globally will be looking to change how they fuel their vessels, and many are unsure which is most suitable for them. We offer retrofit and newbuild solutions for alternative fuels ensuring they are cost effective and meet the industry standards,” says Toby  Strachan, Sail2Zero.

“We develop and plan tailored retrofit solutions working closely with the customer in order to deliver a complete package right from the initial enquiry through to delivery and installation,” says Ranjan Naik.

Sail2Zero’s offices are situated in Høvik close to Oslo, but the business is already in talks with owners across Europe to begin their processes of alternative fuel implementation. They have also partnered with a renowned LNG system manufacturer Cryonorm BV to be able to offer tailored solutions.

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