New InfoSHIP Project for Caronte & Tourist

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Coordination of all preventive and corrective maintenance processes of on-board equipment, through remote control and process analysis. In addition, launching the Drydock module, which allows the definition and optimization of Drydock times and the management and planning, operational and financial, that this huge task entails. All of it based on the concept that “ship in dry-dock is a ship out of service”.

These are the main tasks within the collaboration just finalized between the shipping group Caronte & Tourist Spa and IB, the Italian company leader in technical management systems and operating remote control of fleets, led by Giampiero Soncini. 

From a formal point of view, this agreement confirms the collaboration already in place in the last 15 years for the management of maintenance, inventory and purchasing processes. The cooperation is widened thanks to the functions of InfoSHIP Planning, adding an interface between the two modules, which will be partially used in the cloud.

The configuration of InfoSHIP on the fleet will be hybrid: some units with on-board installation (and ship-shore-ship data replication mechanism), others with direct access to the cloud.

Thanks to this agreement, the two groups will enter an area of radical technological innovation, going even further in the digitization of the management processes of a fleet that has very special needs.

Caronte & Tourist, since its foundation, is undertaking maritime services in the Strait of Messina and today is a leader in transport services in the Mediterranean. With the activation of the Messina – Salerno route of Autostrade d’Amare, the company becomes the key operator in sea connections for central and southern Italy and continues to stand out for the adoption of innovative management solutions.

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