Moscord Management Join Forces in New Singapore HQ

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Ship supply leader Moscord has announced that it will gather its management team under one roof in Singapore, home to the world’s largest and busiest port.

“Management is currently located various places around the world. The company wants to bundle our executives in Singapore in order to create a more streamlined business environment and maintain closer contact with our customers,” says Moscord CEO and founder Freddy Ingemann. “The management team also sees a great advantage in working more closely together in our daily decision-making.”

The move reflects Moscord’s desire to build on strong growth experienced over the past two years, including the months of the coronavirus pandemic. “We have not been hit heavily by Covid-19 restrictions. In fact eCommerce in general has been growing in the wake of the coronavirus crisis,” Ingemann says. “We believe this bodes well for the future of our business model, as a lean and efficient sales and distribution model will be increasingly important for customers.”

Executive Director Tom Olesen will be making the move from his current location in Copenhagen to head up the team in Singapore. The restructuring also includes the promotion of current Director of Operations Michael Klint to Chief Information Officer (CIO). He will make the move from the Manila office to join the management team in Singapore.

Klint will serve as specialist head of software development, says Ingemann. “Michael’s new title is a better match for what he is doing than his former one. He will oversee development of Moscord’s business processes, helping to adapt and evolve our digital services. This is key to the development of our product platforms.” Klint will retain responsibility for operations and logistics.

Moscord’s software development operational activities will continue to be based in Manila. Ingemann notes that the Philippines boast a strong environment for business processing: “They have good English skills, a high level of education, a good work ethic, and a flexible work force.”

He adds that Singapore is recognized as a hub for global shipping activities: “This makes it a good place to base executive operations, not least with regard to recruiting new talent that will allow us to maintain our industry-leading support and service to clients around the world.”

Consolidating management in Singapore with close proximity to operations in Manila will provide a practical solution in times of restricted movement, Ingemann says, adding: “Management also plan to be in Manila more often as the Covid-19 situation allows.”

Moscord’s Rotterdam office will continue to cover European activities. Ingemann reports that the company is investigating options to expand into Houston and Dubai to cover the North American and Middle East markets.

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