LATAM group to offset more than 5,000 tons of CO2 in Brazilian partnership

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LATAM Cargo Brazil, one of the cargo subsidiaries of the LATAM group, has just revealed at Intermodal South America 2024 that it will initially offset more than 5,000 tons of CO2 in partnership with the companies Brix Cargoand Unicargo. These are the first cargo business clients in Brazil to join the “1+1: Offset to Conserve” program, aimed at offsetting flight emissions.

In a long-term commitment, clients will offset 2,500 tons of CO2 in the region, an amount that doubles to 5,000 tons thanks to LATAM Cargo’s contribution, covering all emissions generated by Brix Cargo and Unicargo cargo shipments during 2023. In line with its sustainability program, LATAM group ensures that its cargo clients take responsibility for compensating only 50% of their emissions, while the cargo company will be responsible for offsetting the other half. The companies’ contributions will benefit certified projects that seek to conserve strategic ecosystems in South America.

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“Brix Cargo and Unicargo have been long-time partners of ours. We are delighted that they are the first companies to offset the emissions of the flights carrying their cargo. LATAM is committed to contributing to aviation that reduces or offsets its greenhouse gas emissions, with a network of clients helping us in this mission,” says Otávio Meneguette, LATAM Cargo’s Director in Brazil.

“Brix Cargo is proud of its partnership with LATAM in the “1+1: Offset to Conserve” program. This partnership with LATAM reinforces our commitment to a more sustainable future for the cargo transportation sector. We believe that neutralizing emissions is fundamental to mitigating the effects of climate change and protecting the environment. In this way, we reiterate one of our company’s most important values, which is Social and Environmental Responsibility,” says Leandro Gonçalves, CEO of Brix Cargo.

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“We are proud to announce our partnership with LATAM for the settlement of carbon credits on our freights, reaffirming our ongoing commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. Unicargo works with suppliers and already offers customers a solution to meet their scope 3, neutralizing the freight they carry.  This action highlights our efforts to contribute to the environment through the search for innovative solutions for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future,” says Wanderley Soares, CEO of UNICARGO.


Aligned with the sustainability agenda of the LATAM group, the cargo operators had a sustainable booth at Intermodal South America 2024. The majority of materials used by the cargo company can be reused in future events. Furniture is rented, walls are made of 100% reforested wood, LED lights are used to consume less energy, plants chosen for decoration aid in air purification in enclosed spaces, all waste will be separated for proper disposal, and canvas-made frames will be transformed into items like bags and cases.

In addition to serving all of LATAM Brasil’s fleet and air network, the cargo operators currently serve 166 destinations in 33 countries, with 18 exclusively for cargo. In Brazil, it serves 49 destinations and connects the country with 19 others abroad. Worldwide, LATAM Group’s cargo affiliates operate a fleet of 20 cargo aircraft, including Boeing 767-300F and Boeing 767-300BCF models.

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Author: Edward Hardy