International Propeller Club Elects Maria Conatser as 1st Female President

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[By: The International Propeller Club]

The International Propeller Club, the world’s largest maritime networking organization has elected and installed its leaders for the next two years at its 97th annual convention in Charleston, South Carolina.

Representatives of the Club’s 77 chapters from around the world elected Maria Conatser as International President making her the first woman to be elected to lead the International Propeller Club in its almost 100-year history.  Ms Conatser has served in various financial, analytical, and business intelligence roles with the Ingram Barge Company of Nashville, TN.  She is a member of the Propeller Club’s Port of Nashville chapter and she takes over the role at a time of enormous change in the maritime industry.

“This is a huge honor being elected to this position representing more than 5,000 members from our global network of clubs,” she said. “We are ambitious and aim to substantially increase that membership by at least another 1,000 and ramp up the number of clubs to more than 100 clubs for our 100th anniversary in 2027. The Propeller Club recognizes there has never been a more important time in its history to galvanize support for the maritime industry from businesses, the public, and the government.  Maritime transport carries over 90 per cent of global merchandise trade, totaling some 11 billion tons of cargo per year, but we are too often out of sight and mind.  To tackle this, we need to raise awareness of the industry and attract the best minds to help us innovate, embrace digitization, and squarely face environmental challenges.  I further want to champion the maritime industry as an exciting career for young men and women across many disciplines from engineering and logistics to professional services and leadership roles.”

Costis Frangoulis, President of the International Propeller Club‘s Piraeus, Greece chapter was elected as First Vice President. He is the founder, President, and CEO of the Franman Group which for over 30 years has provided a wide range of equipment, products, and services to the international shipping industry.  Dorothea Ioannou of the New York and Piraeus chapters is CEO of the American P&I Club and was elected as the International Second Vice President. Her portfolio includes engaging with and growing the number of international Propeller Club chapters. Bill Kuzmick of Tampa was elected as 3rd Vice President and will lead planning for the Propeller Club’s 98th Convention next year in Tampa, Florida.

Jeremy Smith of Kaiser University in Jacksonville, Florida was elected Vice President for Student Ports, where he will provide leadership for the Club’s program of outreach to future industry professionals attending maritime academies and other transportation-related programs worldwide.  Candy Nigretto of Tacoma, Washington was re-elected as Vice President of the Women’s Propeller Club. Stuart Smith of Houston, TX, and Pat Patrick of New Orleans were elected to two-year terms as International Treasurer and Secretary, respectively

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