Innovating the cargo booking process

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Awery Aviation Software is working to offer innovative solutions that enhance the cargo booking and management process in the airfreight industry.

Awery’s CargoBooking platform presents an open-access online booking marketplace that facilitates real-time air cargo rate distribution, quotes, and bookings for airlines and their General Sales and Service Agents (GSSAs). 

One of the advantages of the platform is its automation of the entire sales process, resulting in improved cost savings, operational efficiencies, and an additional sales channel for both airlines and GSSAs.

With CargoBooking, freight forwarders can self-serve for numerous transactions, while airlines and GSSAs gain access to a broader market. The platform eliminates the need for protracted email and phone exchanges, delivering a seamless online experience for users.

New standards

What sets Awery’s CargoBooking platform apart is its commitment to simplicity and affordability. Awery does not impose charges on participating users for quoting and booking services. Moreover, airlines and GSSAs can engage with forwarders on CargoBooking without necessitating forwarder registration.

While future premium, paid-for services might incorporate data analysis and advertising, the standard version of CargoBooking remains a platform available to all participants. 

“We believe in an air cargo digital democracy, and by offering this open-access version of our platform, we can help drive that transformation to the benefit of all players in the industry,” Tristan Koch, Chief Commercial Officer, Awery Aviation Software, said. 

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Enhanced efficiency

Awery’s CargoBooking platform incorporates its eMagic tool, which seamlessly integrates into operators’ existing email systems. eMagic, an email plug-in, scans email content to extract essential elements for quotes and bookings. 

By consolidating various data types into a single readable format, eMagic eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data input. 

“By creating a solution that is easy for operators to integrate into their existing systems, Awery is actively facilitating the digitalisation of the industry, one step at a time,” Koch explained.

Addressing concerns about data security and privacy, Koch emphasised that data sharing between industry stakeholders, as promoted by Awery, enhances supply chain efficiency without compromising cybersecurity. 

“Data sharing is the future of the air cargo industry and will actively mitigate against disruption to the supply chain in the future,” Koch highlighted.

Awery has taken extensive measures to ensure cybersecurity compliance. The company is ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating a comprehensive Information Security Management System across all operations. 

Awery employs multiple layers of data security, including firewalls, data encryption, and two-step authentication. Furthermore, the company educates its employees on cybersecurity risks and best practices, fostering a culture of security awareness.

“We also undertake further protection of Awery and its clients’ data beyond regulatory requirements, to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of cybersecurity,” he said, reassuring current and potential clients.

Seamless integration

Awery’s recent partnership with Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) highlights the company’s dedication to facilitating industry-wide transformation. 

The collaborative launch of h2A, an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for airlines, demonstrates Awery’s commitment to integration and digitalisation. h2A streamlines diverse workflow processes, offering a comprehensive solution that manages every aspect of the airfreight shipment lifecycle.

The company’s CargoBooking products are designed to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems, catering to diverse IT landscapes. The platform can also be white-labelled, enabling customisation to meet specific customer requirements. 

“As legacy airlines look to reduce their reliance on multiple disparate IT solutions and new cargo operators seek a single source IT supplier, Awery believes h2A is uniquely placed to help,” Koch said.

Awery remains committed to enhancing the CargoBooking platform through regular feature releases, and it is working on major enhancements like live dynamic pricing, interline bookings, and specialised platforms such as one dedicated to pharmaceutical cargo.

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Digital evolution 

Koch envisions a future where the adoption of digital solutions accelerates, noting that the pace of adoption is becoming faster and more streamlined each day. As digitalisation evolves from an option to a necessity for companies aiming to remain competitive and compliant, the industry needs to embrace and support this evolution by making data sharing free and widely accessible.

“Global coverage is the long-term aim,” Koch stated. “We are rolling out our open access CargoBooking in Europe and will soon be expanding to Asia and Australia.”

Adoption of digital solutions is becoming a faster and more streamlined process with each day that passes and the industry has reached a point where there ceases to be a downside for any new or existing company that wishes to adopt.

“I have long made clear my desire for digital solutions to evolve at a more rapid pace and it appears we are getting to that point now,” Koch added. “It is clear that we have now reached a stage whereby digitisation is a necessity, rather than an option if a company wishes to keep up with competitors and remain compliant.”

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Author: Edward Hardy