Indian Navy Assist Iranian Dhow Struck by Passing Ship

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The Indian Navy and Coast Guard have increased patrols west of India in the Arabian Sea to assist with the security concerns and as a result, are also assisting more ships in distress. Today, the Indian authorities are reporting two rescue missions including helping to shore up an Iranian boat struck by a passing merchant ship.

The Iranian fishing dhow Ameen issued a distress call reporting that it had been clipped by a passing merchant ship which did not stop to provide assistance. According to the report the vessel was taking on water and three of the six crewmembers aboard were injured. Pictures of the incident posted by the Indian Navy show the bow of the wooden fishing vessel broken and open to the elements.

Sailors from the Indian Navy assisted with medical treatment. They shored up the hull of the vessel with wood so that it could proceed to port. They did not identify the merchant vessel but said the incident happened east of Duqm, Oman.



The Indian Coast Guard also reports that it went to the assistance of an Indian fishing boat that was operating off the southern tip of India west of the mainland near Minicoy Island in the Arabian Sea. The fishing boat IFB King had become stranded with a crew of 11 aboard due to engine failure. The Indian Coast Guard Ship Vikram went to the aid of the fishing boat. On February 5 it began a tow from approximately 280 nautical miles west of Minicoy

In a collaborative effort with the Fisheries Department, they brought the vessel east toward Minicoy and later handed it over to the local Coast Guard. Working with the Fisheries Department, they ensured the boat’s shelter at Minicoy Harbor.



The Indian Navy continues its patrols designed to assist in the safety of commercial shipping. They responded last month to the missile strike that caused the fire aboard the tanker Marlin Luanda. They also assisted with two reports of pirate attacks. In one case, an elite force stormed the bulker in question and their arrival had caused the pirates to flee.  Last year, they also tracked the Navibular vessel Tuen when it was commandeered by pirates and provided assistance with a medical evacuation of an injured crewmember.

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