FourKites launches inbound visibility solution

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Leading supply chain visibility provider FourKites has announced the availability of a new Inbound Visibility solution that provides customers with a highly predictive, accurate and seamless way to manage all inbound orders and shipments across all modes, through the entire order lifecycle. By analysing real-time data throughout the freight journey, the solution enhances a company’s ability to manage all inbound shipments and orders accurately. Moreover, it helps users across an organisation identify disruptions and prioritise actions based on those that will have the highest impact on the business.

When it comes to inbound shipment visibility, companies today are hindered by outdated information, delayed shipment updates and manual processes that result in wasted resources, costly expedites and disappointed customers. For updates to their inbound shipments, shippers rely on manual analyses that take over a day to complete; carrier updates that come only in the last leg of a shipment’s journey; and expensive solutions to mitigate any disruptions that may have occurred in transit. 

FourKites is changing that paradigm with its Inbound Visibility solution that provides deep inbound shipment- and order-level insights across all modes to all stakeholders in a secure, integrated platform. With tracking that starts before a shipment is even tendered, users can access actionable data across each stage of an order’s lifecycle, and can identify if an order is late or short-filled up to four weeks before delivery, allowing ample response time. Moreover, any disruptions detected are assigned a dollar amount to help teams prioritise their actions based on business impact.

“Our Inbound Visibility solution is a high-impact innovation to tackle one of the most complex, enduring challenges in the industry,” says Priya Rajagopalan, Chief Product Officer at FourKites. “As the only real-time visibility provider that offers true order lifecycle visibility, starting before a shipment is even tendered to the carrier, we are uniquely positioned to connect the dots at the order level all the way across the supply chain, giving each stakeholder the information they need to take action, and creating even greater value for our customers.”

As with all FourKites products, customers can access the Inbound Visibility solution via FourKites’ My Workspace. This dashboard displays connected insights from across the FourKites product suite in a single, unified view, allowing users to access critical supply chain insights faster than ever.


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Author: Edward Hardy