Evergreen Containership and Smaller Bulker Collide off China

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Chinese officials released details on a collision between an Evergreen containership and a local bulk carrier. The accident last week required the evacuation of the crew from the smaller bulker which was severely damaged and remains under investigation.

The Qingdao Maritime Affairs Bureau reported that the Ever Lucid (105,000 dwt) was outbound from Qingdao after departing on March 13. The vessel was heading to Shanghai but on the morning of March 14 collided with the bulker Huahai 78 off the port of Qingdao.

No one was injured aboard either vessel despite significant damage to the bulker. The vessel, which is 289 feet (88 meters) in length, started taking on water flooding its engine room. The bridge of the vessel was also severely damaged leaving the vessel unable to navigate. The local authorities reported that an immediate evacuation was required of the vessel. The 12 crewmembers were transferred to the Ever Lucid to wait for transfer to shore.


Damage to the bridge and superstructure after the collision with the Evergreen containership


The bulker was taking on water but it stabilized and remained afloat. It however was severely listing. After analyzing the condition of the vessel, the maritime authorities said the decision was made to begin towing the ship to port taking advantage of the good weather and calm seas. It took two tugs and two escort boats nearly 18 hours to get the bulker to port. The vessel was docked on March 15 in Qingdao.

The Ever Lucid, registered in Taiwan and operating on a route between China and Asia to Vancouver, Canada and Tacoma, Washington, suffered only minor damage to its bow. Built in 2014, the vessel has a capacity of 8,500 TEU and is 1,099 feet (335 meters) in length. The containership was taken into the anchorage off the port for the investigation. The containership also remains in Qingdao.

No details were released on the possible causes of the accident. Pictures appear to show hazy conditions which might have limited visibility but the reports cited good weather conditions in the area.

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