Entrepreneurial spirit opens doors

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Looking to forge a new chapter in airfreight collaboration, WestJet Cargo and Awesome Cargo have formed a strategic partnership. 

Bringing together their services, the collaboration aims to enhance routes and trade lanes, with WestJet Cargo overseeing flights in and out of Canada and the US, while Awesome Cargo manages transit between the US and Mexico. 

“The partnership contributes to the evolution of air cargo transport and aligns with WestJet Cargo’s long-term strategic goals, emphasising out-of-the-box solutions and collaboration with experienced partners,” Kirsten de Bruijn, Executive Vice President of WestJet Cargo, said.

Facilitating trade

Awesome Cargo’s headquarters at Felipe Ángeles International Airport (NLU) in Mexico City will provide WestJet Cargo with a strategically positioned hub in Mexico, facilitating efficient cargo operations and connectivity into Latin American.

The partnership aims to harness warehouse capabilities, incorporating reefer trucks and temperature-controlled facilities, alongside bolstered security measures—all under the umbrella of Awesome Cargo.

“A proud member of the Aerocharter group, Awesome Cargo draws upon 40 years of proficiency in both operational and commercial facets of airfreight,” de Bruijn highlighted. “The access it offers into Mexico via NLU Airport is highly beneficial, strengthening WestJet Cargo’s trade links and market presence in the region.”

Core values

The collaboration between WestJet Cargo and Awesome Cargo was not solely based on operational considerations but also shared values. 

“Both WestJet Cargo and Awesome Cargo are characterised as cargo startups within established organisations, reflecting an entrepreneurial mindset in their cargo divisions,” de Bruijn stated.

 The relationship between the two sides was fostered by their shared leaser BBAM and the alignment of aircraft types further solidifies their partnership; with Awesome Cargo expecting deliver of two 737-800 BCFs in the coming months.

“The importance of this alignment became evident in our initial team meetings, given how seamlessly the team members from both organisations resonated with WestJet Cargo’s culture and creativity,” de Bruijn outlined. “Teamwork flowed effortlessly, underscoring the crucial nature of finding a partner that not only excels operationally but also aligns wholeheartedly with the mission and ethos of WestJet Cargo.”

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Author: Edward Hardy