DNV and China Shipbuilding to Develop Smart Ship

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China Shipbuilding Corporation and DNV signed a new joint agreement designed to support the development of a new generation of ships and offshore engineering. China Shipbuilding’s Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC) will work with the classification society on an R&D project to develop a new smart ship project and a 3,500-ton heavy crane.

China Shipbuilding said in the statement announcing the new project that through its Big Ship Group it is working to expand its competitiveness in the high-tech fields serving global ship owners. The Big Ship Group is focused on the development of intelligent and new technologies for the shipbuilding company’s core products that include large oil tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, and high-standard offshore engineering facilities. DSIC has been working to grow its international business seeking clients in the Middle East and the oil industry.

Through the joint development project, DSIC notes that it will have access to DNV’s advantages in cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, unmanned intelligent ships, ECO, and environmental protection technology.

Previously the two organizations have undertaken other joint projects, including a joint development project announced in 2018 for a new 23,000 TEU LNG fueled ultra-large container vessel (ULCV).

The contract signing took place during a video conference between Oslo, Dalian, and Shanghai, with China shipbuilding saying, “While the shipbuilding group is accelerating the recovery of its production, it is also actively coordinating with the government, shipowners and overseas equipment suppliers to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic.”