Danish Ferry Forced to Maneuver to Avoid Russian Warship

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Danish media is widely reporting an incident this morning that involved a high-speed passenger ferry that was forced to maneuver when a Russian warship failed to yield or acknowledge the ferry which was underway at full speed. Shipping operator Molslinjen is confirming the incident but seeking to downplay it saying the passengers were safe and that it was a normal if somewhat abrupt maneuver which could have caused some discomfort for the passengers.

The shipping company runs Incat high-speed catamarans which when underway have a top speed of between 35 and 38 knots. It is unclear from the reports which one of the ferries was involved in the incident, but they operate a route crossing the Bay of Aarhus on a 75-minute trip between Aarhus and Odde.

Passengers interviewed on Danish TV said they were about 20 to 30 minutes into the trip when the ferry began to shake as it slowed from high speed and then began a wide turn. According to the reports, the vessel made a 360-degree circle crossing its own wake and then resumed the crossing without incident.



The captain of the ferry announced that after departing Odde at 1100 local time they had seen a vessel and that it was a busy shipping area. He said they attempted to radio the vessel which turned out to be a Russian frigate that had permission to be transiting in the area according to Danish Defense officials. 

The frigate failed to respond to the calls from the ferry and the captain of the Molslinjen vessel decided that it appeared the Russian vessel was not changing course or acknowledging his presence. Passengers are saying that he said the Russians were not following accepted maritime practices so he decided to make the turn. A number of passengers on the ferry snapped photos and shot videos which are now widely circulating online and in the Danish media.

A spokesperson for the shipping company said the process can be a bit abrupt when it happens but that they were still a good distance from the warship and never in any danger.

This incident comes as there have been continued fears over Russian shipping in the busy channels around Denmark. A tanker in the shadow fleet was involved in a minor collision recently, and there have been reports that the tankers are not using Danish pilots in the waterways.


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