Damen Delivers ASD Tug 2811 to Brodospas

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[By: Damen Shipyards Group]

On March 22nd, the Damen Shipyards Group delivered an ASD Tug 2811 to Croatian vessel operator Brodospas. On March 27th, Brodospas held a ceremony, welcoming the vessel to its
fleet and naming it Hrabri. The cutting-edge vessel boasts 60 tonnes of bollard pull, with which it will enhance harbour towage operations in the ports of Split and Plo?e on the Dalmatian coast.

Brodospas’ decision to entrust Damen Shipyards with the construction of the ASD Tug 2811 results from the company’s positive experience with Damen vessels to date. In recent years, Damen has delivered two Anchor Handling Vessels and two Fast Crew Supply Vessels to the company.

The ASD Tug 2811 has been developed to provide a boost in safety, sustainability, reliability, and efficiency in operations. It features a flush fore deck, optimised for multiple towing modes, providing the tug with extreme versatility. Its ergonomic, user friendly design offers easy accessibility to winches, bollards, and fairleads.

Based on a proven, standard design, Damen is able to tailor the ASD Tug 2811 to the specific requirements of its clients. For Brodospas, this includes installation of a firefighting system, towing hook, and for the vessel to sail under Croatian flag.

The tug was constructed at Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam. The yard, which has just celebrated its tenth anniversary, constructs up to 40 Damen vessels each year. From Vietnam, the ASD Tug 2811 sailed on its own keel to Croatia, passing the Cape of Good Hope en route.

“We are delighted to celebrate the delivery of Hrabri to our esteemed partners, Brodospas. This milestone delivery marks yet another significant chapter in the enduring partnership between Damen Shipyards and Brodospas, which is rooted in collaboration and mutual trust. We look forward to witnessing Hrabri in action,” says Antonio Marte from Damen.
Brodospas Chairman, Zeljko Samarzija says: “Brodospas has been engaged in different marine-technical services on the sea for 77 years. We are delighted to have such an excellent, long-term business cooperation with Damen. We are grateful to have this modern, powerful and reliable ASD Tug 2811 in our fleet. She proved herself worthy of her name Hrabri – which means courageous in Croatian – by sailing smoothly  from Vietnam, over the Indian and Atlantic oceans, through the Mediterranean to our Adriatic sea to be delivered to us as proud owners, here in the Port of Split. We look forward to future cooperation with Damen as we renew our fleet.”

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