Cycling to the moon and back: Gebrüder Weiss launches a new competition

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Gebrüder Weiss again calls cyclists to participate in the company’s international cycling campaign “GWcycles”.

Starting on March 25, cycling enthusiasts worldwide will be pedalling for all they are worth. The goal of the sports competition in 2024 is ambitious: cycling to the moon and back. International participants have until September 30 to cover the distance of 768,800 kilometres.

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As in previous years, GWcycles combines this sports challenge with environmental protection: the international transport company will plant another 7,000 trees in Nicaragua for the kilometres covered by the participants. In the two previous rounds, 13,000 trees have been planted in Togo and Nicaragua. By planting these corporate forests, Gebrüder Weiss makes an essential and active contribution to a climate-friendly future.

“At Gebrüder Weiss, we believe in sustainable mobility, and as a global logistics company, we are enthusiastic about moving things together,” Frank Haas, Head of Corporate Brand Strategy & Communications at Gebrüder Weiss, describes the essential motivation and targets of GWcycles.

“So far, our cycling community has accomplished spectacular results yearly; they enjoy exercising and actively contributing to environmental protection. We are looking forward to this year’s competition.”

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Following the previous year’s campaign, which ended with a surprising success—more than 15 times around the world—we’re challenging the participants of the 2024 competition to cycle to the moon and back. Gebrüder Weiss offers a gravel bike as the main prize to the top 300 cyclists, as well as other attractive prizes for seven different challenges. Anyone can participate in the competition.

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Author: Anastasiya Simsek