CSM Selects Kaiko Systems to Revolutionize Maritime Operations

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[By: Columbia Shipmanagement]

Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) is scaling new heights in operational efficiency after choosing Kaiko Systems to provide an innovative, user-friendly software tool which organises and analyses ship data, providing insight into the condition of vessels and identifying risks before they result in incidents.

Having launched its product only two years ago, Kaiko Systems has already facilitated tens of thousands of inspections through the mobile-first platform, which allows seafarers to gather data directly from the frontline, streamlining the process and reducing the burden of extensive documentation and reporting. In doing this, our most capable people are free to take care of more challenging projects.

The app guides seafarers through routine inspections and provides on-the-job guidance, making it fast and easy for them to collect data, such as pictures and the results of functionality checks, in a reliable and standardised way.

CSM’s crew utilises Kaiko Systems’ mobile application to plan, document and report maintenance and inspection activities on board the vessels, making it easier for them to do a better job in ensuring safety, PSC readiness and vessel condition improvements. Additionally, the software guarantees compliance with the evolving regulatory landscapes.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, Kaiko Systems’ software enables CSM to cultivate rapid, data-informed decisions from its onshore teams, thereby facilitating instantaneous critical decision-making.

Mark O’Neil, Columbia Group CEO, stated: “The integration of Kaiko Systems’ technology elevates our operational efficiencies to new levels, providing real-time insights into vessel condition. This not only drastically improves performance but also reinforces our commitment to regulatory compliance and safety standards.”

Fabian Fussek, CEO and Co-Founder of Kaiko Systems, added: “In alliance with Columbia Shipmanagement, Kaiko Systems is setting a new paradigm — one that transcends operational efficiencies and redefines industry benchmarks. We are not merely promising ROI; we are advocating for an industry-wide revolution.”

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