ClassNK Appoints Full-Time Executives and Reinforces Commitment to Industry

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[By: ClassNK]

ClassNK has carried out a regular reshuffle of its full-time executives, underlining its commitment to charting the maritime industry’s shift through a period of significant transformation. President & CEO Hiroaki Sakashita and Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Junichiro Iida continue in their current roles, while Executive Vice President (EVP) Hayato Suga is promoted to SEVP. Additionally, Dr. Toshiro Arima, Masaki Matsunaga, and Dr. Yoshiya Yamaguchi have been appointed as new EVPs.

In his remarks, President & CEO Hiroaki Sakashita emphasized, “We are at the front of the business transformation era marked by the drive towards decarbonization and leveraging of digital technologies, and various initiatives have also been increasing in the maritime field. In addition to improving our conventional responsibility of verifying compliance with established standards, ClassNK is expanding its services to support our customers’ business transformations to enhance safety, facilitate the energy transition, and promote sustainability, aiming to be their partner in building the future together.”

Under the new structure, SEVP Junichiro Iida oversees business strategy, while SEVP Hayato Suga handles corporate strategy as well as day-to-day operations. The newly appointed EVPs serve concurrently as the division directors: Dr. Toshiro Arima for Research and Development Division, Masaki Matsunaga for Plan Approval and Technical Solution Division, and Dr. Yoshiya Yamaguchi for Business Assurance Division.

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