Blue Orange Wave’s ‘Edumersive’ Software Earns ClassNK Certification

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[By: Blue Orange Wave]

In a remarkable milestone, Blue Orange Wave, a global leader in innovative training solutions for the maritime industry, proudly announces the Certification of Type Approval from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) on its cutting-edge product, Edumersive.

Edumersive is a virtual reality (VR) e-learning solution designed to elevate learning and training experiences in the maritime sector. According to Blue Orange Wave, the platform is poised to revolutionize the way seafarers are trained, offering a comprehensive approach to bridge the gap from knowledge to skills and provides situational awareness in the workplace for seafarers worldwide.

Seamless & tailored e-learning content
One pivotal feature of Edumersive is its capacity to create, maintain, evaluate and administer e-learning content seamlessly. Training providers and shipowners can produce and design their own content within the platform, eliminating the need for a third-party intervention. This capability empowers users to tailor training programs to their own specific needs, fostering a more efficient and personalized learning environment.

What sets Edumersive apart is its accessibility. Learners can access and utilize the platform’s educational content via an app on their mobile devices both online and offline, ensuring continuous learning opportunities regardless of location. This adaptability is particularly crucial in the maritime industry, where seafarers may be on board, at home, or in remote locations, yet they can consistently engage with the platform’s content.

Captain Naoki Saito, General Manager and Head of Cyber Security from the Innovation Development Division of ClassNK, says: “Personally, I proudly endorse Edumersive – a visionary leap in education empowered by proven VR technology. Having certified its excellence, we confidently recommend this solution as the newest experience in immersive maritime learning. This transformative platform not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards set by ClassNK due to its simplicity and possibilities for the provider as for the learner. It is marking a new era where certified innovation seamlessly integrates with education.”

Online assessments
Another key factor that impressed ClassNK is Edumersive’ s ability to conduct online assessments seamlessly. The platform incorporates in-platform user validation, allowing for efficient and reliable evaluation of seafarers’ knowledge to skills. This capability enhances the overall training experience and contributes to the platform’s recognition as a leader in maritime education.

“The ClassNK-certified Edumersive software is not just a platform; it’s a testament to our dedication to advancing maritime education and ensuring seafarers are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need for a safer and more efficient maritime future” says Blue Orange Wave CEO Capt. Tim Lodder. As education and training providers seek modern and effective solutions, the already existing accreditation by the Netherlands Maritime Authority (ILT), and now this ClassNK certification positions Edumersive as a standout choice, according to Capt. Lodder.

Ship classification society ClassNK delivers the highest quality classification services, by the highest quality personnel, while maintaining its totally independent third party, non-profit status. The organization has a strong focus on the development of relevant rules, procedures and guidance, and maintain and develop its commitment to scientific and technological research and development. This latest certification, awarded last Friday, 15 December, 2023, demonstrates technological ingenuity while being compliant with international maritime training standards (i.e. using VR in a traditional learning environment). ClassNK features Edumersive as a solution that will represent a significant leap forward in maritime education worldwide.

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