Awery calls for a new AI approach in air cargo

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User-friendly technology that leverages the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is vital to ensuring digital solutions are dynamic enough to meet the changing needs of the air cargo industry, according to Vitaly Smilianets, Chief Executive Officer of Awery Aviation Software (Awery).

Speaking at the Caspian Air Cargo Summit 2023 (23-25 October), Smilianets explained that AI-driven solutions are key to helping air cargo stakeholders achieve better process control, increased efficiencies, and the best user experience.

However, these benefits have not been fully realised, in part due to overly complex platforms and a lack of training, rendering the industry’s greatest ally an unwieldy accessory.

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“Awery has long called for the need to accelerate digitalisation, and historically accessibility has been a key barrier to widespread adoption – the way forward is to focus on easy-to-use interfaces and apps,” said Smilianets.

“Tech providers should focus on developing tools that are nimble and adaptable to meet the needs of the dynamic air cargo industry.

“One solution is to leverage the smartphones we have at our disposal by developing apps that help users complete tasks such as cargo booking or track and trace, whether they are in the office, at the warehouse, or on the ramp.”

The aviation software provider is developing several apps that support its Awery ERP product, a web-based platform that automates aviation business processes, including managing sales, operations, finance, and HR.

“The rise of AI signals an exciting time for the industry, and we are seeing more and more practical applications of the tool, including increasing efficiency by automating laborious manual processes and providing more secure payments with blockchain,” said Smilianets.

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Awery also supports its customers with an AI tool, eMagic, which converts email and text enquiries from various formats and languages into a standard data format, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming manual processing.

This information is utilised by CargoBooking, Awery’s free-of-charge online quotation and booking portal, in addition to its payment and track and trace services, providing a complete end-to-end fulfilment solution.

Tristan Koch, Awery’s Chief Commercial Officer, is speaking on the ‘Cargo Platforms Ascend: Unveiling the Trends in Online Cargo Booking’ panel at Air Cargo Americas, Miami, on Tuesday, 31st October.

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Author: Edward Hardy