Avianca Airlines unveils new brand concept

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After nearly two years of transformation since its successful exit from Chapter 11 and under the slogan, “the sky belongs to everyone,” avianca airlines unveiled its new brand. After 104 years of operation, being the second oldest airline in the world, avianca bid farewell to the uppercase “A” and welcomed the lowercase “a” as a symbol of a company that, by combining the best of its over 100 years of flying with the practicality and flexibility of the modern low-cost world, has ceased to be for a few and is now for everyone.
“The more than 180 days that our planes spent on the ground due to the COVID-19 pandemic were dark days,” said Adrian Neuhauser, CEO of avianca. “We knew that our airline was at risk of disappearing, as was the connectivity of the countries and regions where we operated and the jobs we generated. But it was also during that time that we saw that it was not only possible but also necessary to achieve a different avianca, one that is more open, closer, more accessible, and with more for everyone. After nearly two years, that new avianca is here.”.
Neuhauser added, “This is perhaps the greatest reinvention of an airline in the history of aviation. That’s why today we say hello to avianca in lowercase and goodbye to the uppercase ‘A’ of the past. This is a brand that honors our history and at the same time represents what we are today, a renewed avianca: friendly, agile, accessible, attentive and cheerful. An avianca that looks you in the eye and calls you by your name. An avianca where everyone is welcome and where the sky belongs to all.”

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Author: Edward Hardy