Amer Shipping New Sustainable Standard with Dry Cargo Vessel Adriana Maria

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[By: Concordia Damen Shipbuilding]

The latest addition to Amer Shipping’s fleet in Raamsdonksveer is dry-cargo vessel ‘Adriana Maria’, a multi-purpose ship, even at low water levels. This is thanks to the innovative ‘CDS 110’ hull design by Concordia Damen and based on the Parsifal tankers previously developed by the yard. The 110-metre vessel can also carry 200 tonnes more cargo compared to similar vessels. During the official sea trial on 8 February, the high expectations were met: the hull design scores excellently in terms of fuel consumption versus speed: the vessel had a speed of 20 km per hour at a fuel consumption of 230 litres per hour. The ship has low drag, can sail fast and consumes significantly less fuel. As a result, the Adriana Maria was awarded the ‘Gold Label’ by Green Award. The trial run, loaded, carrying a cargo of Bestone® for Graniet Import Benelux BV in Amsterdam, went well. The vessel met all requirements, even exceeding expectations on noise and vibration levels – the vessel performed well within the official standards. With the commissioning of the Adriana Maria, Amer Shipping now has a fleet of 58 vessels. Both owned dry cargo ships, container and bunker vessels (22 vessels) and associated vessels. Per year, the company transports around 8.5 million tonnes of cargo, mainly raw materials and (raw) materials for construction projects and project cargo for various industries.

Second ship under construction
Amer Shipping operates mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. The company is now expanding its fleet, with a focus on building sustainable ships. Thus, within months of the Adriana Maria, named after the wife of brother Jan of inland waterway entrepreneur and co-owner of Amer Shipping, Peter Buijks, a second ‘CDS Dry Cargo 110’ by Concordia Damen is to follow soon.

Buijks: “We’ve done everything we could to make the Adriana Maria score as well as possible in all areas. Due to the low resistance of the hull shape, its fuel consumption and emissions decrease. Longer sailing, even at water levels of 1.15 metres, is possible, although then the ship cannot be fully loaded. The Adriana Maria’s favourable load line makes it feasible to sail safely under 4.25-metre bridges with a draft of 2.50 metres. The CO2 emissions per tonne per kilometre are thus considerably lower than for a ship of the same class. We really are talking
about a unique vessel. I am convinced that we are setting a new standard with the Adriana Maria.”

Sustainable fleet
Sustainability developments are not standing still and Amer Shipping consciously chooses to move with the trend. Buijks: "We are moving ahead to grow our business in a responsible way, and that includes investing in a sustainable fleet. With this, we are responding to the wishes of our customers who are increasingly looking at their – and our – CO2 emissions."

Outfitting from A to Z
In August 2023, after a brief stop at De Waal BV in Werkendam, the Concordia Damen-finished hull arrived at Ruijtenberg Shipyard BV’s yard. The outfitting started with a challenge. Jordy Buijks, Technical Manager: “We had to extend our 110-metre slipway by two metres to be able to lay the ship dry. It didn’t fit because of the design of the bulbous bow. We enjoyed working on the Adriana Maria! We also advised in various areas. For instance, the vessel is equipped with two fuel-efficient Scania 690 hp Stage V engines. These engines offer good speed while using as little gas oil as possible. For optimum efficiency, the propeller was modelled to align perfectly with the hull design and engine power. These engines could also be quite easily replaced with others, should that be desirable in the future. The all-stainless steel AdBlue Tanks – for post-treatment of emissions from the Stage V engines- were developed ourselves.”

Outfitter Ruijtenberg did even more work. Jordy Buijks: “The battery pack is of the latest standard. It can supply the ‘hotel functions’ with electricity for at least 12 hours. Moreover, the batteries can be charged and discharged much more often, while maintaining the same performance. The wheelhouse is Ruijtenberg Shipyard’s own product. We also managed to get full ADN certification for the vessel. In good collaboration with Concordia Damen we took care of the outfitting from A to Z and delivered the ship turnkey. It’s quite special to be able to contribute to the first dry cargo vessel of this sustainable series! Our thanks go to all suppliers who contributed to the ship. The Dutch Maritime Cluster has again joined forces with excellent

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